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About Jake Perkins

Jake Perkins, also known as No Brake Jake, was born on October 15, 1996. As a small child, Jake played piano, basketball and soccer when he wasn't in school. He was unaware what would lie ahead and what he would be totally "hooked" on in the years to come.

When Jake was eight years old, in early 2005, friends of his took him out to a go-kart track on a Saturday night. The second Jake saw the go-karts on the track, he knew that was what he wanted to do. Jake started his racing career in February of that year. He raced at the local level at Fruitland Speedway Park and that year won the Novice Championship.

The following year in 2006, Jake began to race at the state level. He ended that year with three state championships and was runner-up in a fourth. In 2007, Jake's last year in go-karts, he ran at the national level. That year, he won two national championships and four state championships. He won six championships out of six that he competed for.

In 2008, Jake took the next step to race in a bandolero. Right away, Jake raced at the national level. In Jake's only year in the bandolero, he finished second in the state and ninth in the country.

In 2009, Jake began to race the Legends cars and run them for the next two years. In 2009-2010, Jake won two local track championships, a state championship in the Young Lions division, and finished second in the country in Young Lions with many feature wins and fast time pole awards under his belt. Now in 2011, Jake is currently running a Super Late Model at fourteen years old.

In 2011, Jake made the move to Super Late Models while still fourteen years old. During that campaign, he raced in the Florida United Promoters Series, finishing seventh in points of 86 drivers and was named “Rookie of the Year.” In 2012, he again raced FUPS and finished fourth in series points. In 2015, Jake moved to the dirt racing circuit and is competing in the United Dirt Challenge Series. He is currently fourth in series points and is in line for series Rookie of the Year.

He recently graduated Valedictorian at Belleview High School in Belleview, FL. He is now in his freshman year at the University of Florida, studying engineering. Jake intends to continue his racing when it does not interfere with school.

Outside of school and racing, Jake enjoys playing sports, iRacing (an online racing simulator), and spending time with his family (Dad-Carter, Mom-Cindy, Sisters-Sarah and Chelsea, Brother-Chad, and Pets- his dogs Chloe and Mickey). Jake enjoys and appreciates the support he receives in racing from all of his family, friends, fans, and crew.